Audience laughing and cheering during Comedy Hypnotist Arthur Fratelli's Hypnosis Show

Prost Prom 2022

Post Prom Hypnosis Shows Galore!

The first weekend of post prom hypnosis shows is about to begin. This year I will be presenting to thousands of students all over the Midwest. Schools on my 2022 Spring Tour include-

  • Omaha Millard North
  • Phillipsburg
  • Glenwood
  • Avoca
  • Omaha North
  • Omaha Elkhorn South
  • Grant Nebraska
  • Neligh Nebraska

not just a comedy hypnosis show

This is more than a comedy hypnosis show-I also demonstrate the power of the brain. Teaching students how physiology controls psychology.  These are skills students can take with them the moment they leave the show. 

Here’s to an AMAZING 2022 season!

Keynote Speaker Arthur Fratelli on stage with a volunteer in Kearney Nebraska 2022
 A certified hypnotherapist with a background in education and an immersive education at Second City Chicago studying comedy theory, writing and improvisation, Arthur has spent years immersed in the fields of philosophy, psychology, martial arts, hypnosis, mentalism, magic and stage presenting.
Arthur demonstrates how to use your brain to become the person you want to be in an entertaining way that can only be described as AMAZING!  

You can reach Arthur at [email protected]