Atomic Habits!

A Must Discuss book!

Atomic Habits Book Cover

"Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement." James Clear

I am looking forward to speaking to the Nebraska Schoolmaster’s Association and incorporate the book Atomic Habits this June.

Atomic Habits does an excellent job of explaining habits, good and bad, how we acquired them and best of all-how we can trade our bad habits for good ones.

This book will help you reframe your view of the world and give you the ability to recognize your habits for what they are and how to make good habits more appealing. 

I am excited to go through this book and illustrate its principles, the challenges it presents, and how to put it in action!

I’ve got two weeks to review, write, and rehearse for this presentation.  It’s projects like this that make speaking on stage satisfying!

Stay tuned for more from Atomic Habits and how everything went in a few weeks!  Till then, BE AMAZING!

Keynote Speaker Arthur Fratelli on stage with a volunteer in Kearney Nebraska 2022
A certified hypnotherapist with a degree in education  and an immersive education at Second City Chicago studying comedy theory, writing and improvisation, Arthur has spent years immersed in the fields of philosophy, psychology, martial arts, and stage presenting.
Arthur demonstrates how to use your brain to become the person you want to be.  

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